Friday, January 18, 2008


Little sister is warning up to the camera...slowly. She seems to feel a little better every day and is showing more of her personality. I am getting the hair a little more under control, even though my stylist recommends we allow it stand straight up and accentuate it.


Julie said...

Dori Grace is such a little beauty. I can see you don't get anything done because you are busy playing with her.

Anonymous said...

Can hardly to get my hands on this child. These pictures are just precious. Every one looks happy and rested. DoriGrace is really showing some personality. Love to all M and P

Rachel said...

What a sweet baby girl! I love the yawn. :)

Heather said...

Oh So Cute!!! The hair is adorable...Have a fun weekend.
Heather M.

The Efirds said...

she is absolutely adorable! i love the bows in her hair! when our daughter was 18months to about 3, she refused to leave the house without a bow!

Melissa Czaszwicz said...

She is SO adorable, what a little ham!

Kelly said...

She's gorgeous and it's wonderful to see her surrounded by her family.

Nadra said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yawning pic. :)

You can tell that she's still Daddy's girl in the picture with JB.

Miss Val said...

Thanks for giving me the "smile" I really needed for the day! You are all just glowing, and I must say Walker is just a cutie. The yawn is priceless.

I told Lori me and Mrs. K. want to go to lunch soon, like next week.

Miss Val

Dan and Elisabeth said...

She is so beauiful! I love seeing the four of you together! :)

tina4girls said...

I just got a chance to view your blog and I'm so glad that I did. The new addition to the family is such a doll and incredibly adorable. Trisha and I were almost in tears at how happy your family looks. Dori Grace completes you. Congradulations and best wishes!

Tina and Trisha

Vickie said...

The pictures are absolutely adorable!!! What a precious family. I am amazed at the difference in her twinkling eyes. She sparkles. What an enormous blessing you and your family has received.

Tricia & Kirk said...

Oh my gosh, Lucy has two of the same outfits as Dori Grace! She is looking great.

Billie said...

Wow! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! It makes me so excited to bring home my own. Thanks for stopping by my journey. Yours has only just begun!
God bless!

Anonymous said...


My nail lady (Trina from Viet Nam)says the "spikey" hair is fairly common...Her baby boy (now about 6 months) has similar hair in his earlier baby pic's....DoriGrace is a doll....Marla A.

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