Saturday, December 15, 2007


6:00 Can't sleep - wide awake, mind racing.

7:00 Wal-Mart - first attempt to buy what I need. No list - just my style. I'll be going back 4 more times in the next 2 days.

9:00 Driving home, why am I crying?

10:00 Ding-Dong - FedEx - Tickets - Woo Hoo!

10:10 Check USPS online - VISAs are in OKC...

It's gonna happen...we are REALLY going!!

Tears again...I have SO much to do!!


Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Cry all you want, girl! Those are the good kind of tears - think of them as the same tears you cried on the way to the hospital to deliver WB - a little scared, a little nervous, a little overwhelmed, a lot wonderful! :)

The Efirds said...

Have a great trip! We've been following your blog lately and are really excited for you that you're finally getting your little girl! Have a safe trip and a very extremely Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

We are go happy for you guys! This is a wonderful Christmas present. Enjoy Vietnam...Can Tho is just awesome!

Daniel and Jamie said...

I am so happy for you. Have fun gathering all the stuff that you will need!

Dan and Elisabeth said...

You are going to have so much fun!!! I can't wait to see you as a family of 4. :)

Cindy said...

Hey Leigh, Sooooo...Tuesday! I can see those bags bulging already from all the WalMart runs! Have a great time and who knows maybe the grapevine is right and we will be right behind you! Yay!

Dianna said...

You're going to be fine! We traveled with three other families and it was perfect - whatever one family had forgotten, another family had in their bag. Plus, you really CAN buy everything you need in Vietnam :)

Julie said...

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime. Just soak it up and if you forget something you can buy it when you get to Vietnam.

We're all here to cheer you on.

stormy said...

A good cry always helps, then you can focus and get busy it will all come together. enjoy this most magical Christmas miracle.

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