Friday, December 14, 2007

A Mile In My Shoes Ain't A Fun Trip Today!

I am so thankful that the pace of today is not normal for me! I can't even begin to explain the roller-coaster of emotions related to getting ready for this trip and tracking our VISA's. Provided our tickets and VISAs arrive by Monday, we'll be leaving super-duper early on Tuesday morning. We have our fingers crossed!

We are really struggling with getting ready. Funny, we have waited over two years...what have we been doing? I honestly NEVER thought we'd travel before late January. I was just gonna make it through Christmas and then we'd get our shots, then we'd get our VISAs and then we'd get DoriGrace's room ready.

Now, we have shots, the VISAs are on their way, and thanks to the best friends ever the room will be ready upon our return. I've got two days to power shop, clean the house, and pack. One day to wrap-up work issues.

One week from tonight, we'll have our baby girl. We'll be a family of four and the stresses of today will be a very distant memory.


Nadra said...

Geeeesssshhhh...even though I wish I were in your shoes for a'm not ready yet. You have prompted me to get some things done that I've been putting getting a car seat for Drew....duh.

Happy packing and power shopping!!!

Julie said...

Wow, a crazy few days but like you said this will all be a distant memory and you can focus on being a family of four. Just try to soak it all in.

David, Shelly and the girls said...

I've got your back sister! I'm packing a little extra here and there. We'll make it and shop in VN!!!! See you tuesday

Heather said...

OH MY!! You'll be ok though...just breathe! I know that everyone has said it, but I'll speak from experience can get anything you forget in VN. Just have a nice couple of days & get ready to meet your daughter! WOW!!! Congrats again!
Heather M.

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