Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Smell of Cinnamon in the Morning

I wasn't gonna do this...I wasn't gonna update this blog until I had something interesting to report on the adoption front. Well...it has been a month since my last post and I don't have anything new to add.

In my effort to occupy my life, and to spare my family the wrath brought about by my impatience, I dedided I best find something to keep me busy. Those that know me know I'm ALWAYS working an addiction...scrapping, stamping, beading....been there, done those. Nothing holds my interest long before I'm on to the next big thing! OK...I'm finally over Webkinz...I'm not camped at the package store...my gaming isn't obsessive...but, OH MY...I have arrived at....Cinnamon Rolls.

A couple of weeks ago, my dear sis turned me onto this little web site....and, OH MY...I'm in love...with the Pioneer Woman. I love her! Don't know her...but LOVE her. It is downright creepy! I'm obsessed with this woman and her blogs...not to mention the food. I am cooking everything on this site and loving every bite.
I'm not too bad in the kitchen (says the daughter who grew up in the shadow of her mother the gourmet) but I've never had luck with baking...I seem to have yeast issues. (Nothing rises!!! I bake bricks!) But, her pictures made me believe I could do anything and OH MY, these are the best Cinnamon Rolls ever! Two weeks and I've made 4 batches...that's like 150 rolls!!! They've gone to friends and co-workers, they've resulted in marriage proposals (no thanks, I'm taken), untold praise and accolades, even financial incentives. It is crazy! If you love someone...make these rolls...if you love yourself...make these rolls...if you need a pick up, or want to be picked up...MAKE THESE ROLLS. (The frosting ROCKS and I don't even like maple!)
Thank goodness nothing holds my attention long because my waistline can't handle this much longer...but boy, am I ENJOYING this obsession.

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Jessica said...

Get some picures and details up PLEASE. I can not wait to see your little girl! CONGRATS!

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