Thursday, July 26, 2007

Saving Grace

Seriously....seriously!!! I can't stop playing with my Webkinz! It wasn't enough that I basically took over my son's poor little dog, I had to go out and get a little pig for myself. (Still hoping for a little girl...born in the Year of the Pig!) Anyway, I've been rather absent from blogging because I CAN'T stop playing with my virtual pet! I can say that my boy loves this silly obsession almost as much as me. It is absolutely priceless to see him at the desk, logged on, while I'm sitting on the bed with the laptop, and listen to him giggle as he invites me to his virtual house to play and sends me webmail. But, my playing doesn't end there!!! Nooooo, the web site goes down every night at 11:00 pm for daily maintenance and that is probably my only saving grace because there is no telling how late I'd stay up if they let me keep playing!

SERIOUSLY! What does this say about me? Never mind...I really don't want to know.

Speaking of Saving Grace...(TNT Monday nights) I had such hopes for this new series but I was really disappointed. Being that it is supposed to be set in my hometown and deal with folks I deal with on a daily basis...I seriously wanted to love it. I SO wanted it to be good. But it wasn' was bad...pretty bad. Now, I watch a TON of reality TV and I'm up till all hours every night clearing off my DVR, (before, during and after playing with my beautiful pig, Wiggles) but I had NO IDEA what was "legal" on real TV these days. It is a pretty racy show...I could get past that if the story line was just good. I do love the idea of "Earl, the angel of last chances"...but it just didn't work. I'll give it another go next got pretty good reviews...but I don't guess I'm gonna be seeing much of Holly Hunter around town.

OK...gotta go let my pig jump on the trampoline, feed her some dragon fruit, hunt for gems, got to the employment office and do the sandwich maker job (since that is the only job that I seem to be able to master enough to get paid), redecorate her room and put her to bed before they pull the plug at 11:00.

"Hello, my name is Leigh...and I'm addicted to a child's game...."


stormy said...

Ok I so wanted to see the premier and forgot to DVR it but my husband said from the previews he thought it mocked God and looked trashy now I am glad I did not see it. I am not much of a TV watcher but can't miss the closer and the Christian community is calling for the annual Tv fast (no tv the month of Aug.) so looks like I will catch the closer in Sep. and get some reading and paperwork done.

Dawn said...

Too funny about the kids game. I have heard of it but I have not seen it yet.

I agree about Saving Grace. I only watched about 10 minutes. The first scenes were so explicit for TV - it concerned me right away of what the producers were trying to convey. It couldn't be good. Did you ever watch the show Joan of Arcadia? I used to love that show where God spoke directly to a teenage girl. I hated that they dropped it. It dealt with a lot of good questions.

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