Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reflections on A Great Weekend

Today...after years of prodding...WB rode independently for the first time!

(Relieving some of my parental guilt.) See, I think we put him on a bike too early (with training wheels) and he "bit the dust." He really hasn't wanted much to do with a bike for the last three years because of his fear of falling. He would back farther and farther away from the bike every time he saw one of his peers in the neighborhood riding without training wheels. Lately, he even confessed that he was "embarrassed" that he couldn't ride. Well...not anymore...he's a rider!! Woo Hoo!!
Finally, my discovery of the week...Webkinz...why hasn't anyone ever told me about them? We went to a birthday party on Friday night and the kids got like three of them. They are stuffed animals with web ids that you adopt. You log on to the website and create a home and environment for your virtual pet. You earn web dollars by answering quiz questions and playing games, and then you use the web dollars to build and decorate a room for your pet. You feed him, buy him toys and landscape his backyard. They are SO cool!! We picked up one for WB today at the mall...$10.00...for a stuffed creature and a year of Internet play. Meet Cinnamon...the latest addition to our family.

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Dianna said...

Natalie just told me about these last week! I think they're pretty cool too, but she has to cough up her own cash to buy one. She's spoiled rotten as it is and we've finally decided that with #3 on her way home, we've got to crack down on the miscellaneous toy buying. Although I wouldn't mind one of those little guys for myself... :)

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