Sunday, July 29, 2007

The 24-Day Passport

When we made our rapid rise from #9 to #4 the week of July 4th, we started thinking that we might better get-on ordering WB's passport. We've been hearing horror stories of 14-20 week waits and the lines are just getting longer. Since both parents have to be present to apply for a minor child, we went and knocked it out while on vacation, July 9th.

About a week ago, we received the little State Department notice stating they received the application and it was being processed. We got online instructions on how to check the status which I just threw into the mail pile, thinking I'd check it next month sometime. Well, my dh got a little curious today and logged on to check it. Imagine our surprise.....

"We have finished processing your passport, and it has been mailed to you.

You requested delivery by regular mail. Passport Agencies use Priority Mail. This means you should receive your passport on or about 08/01/2007."

How crazy is that? I mean, we did pay the extra $70ish bucks to expedite, but I was still thinking it would be November at the earliest! Amazing!

(Of course, I am now falling into the category of believing everything I read. It's not in my hand yet, but I'm a believer!!)


Paul & Erin said...

If that's updated with that statement, it IS true - you will get it! Congrats and you definitely did the smart thing by expediting it. I wish we were as wise... :)

Dianna said...

That's great! We expedited the girls' passports for our cruise in May and STILL waited 7 weeks!

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