Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To Blog Or Not To Blog...

that is the question. I probably write about five posts for every one that makes it to this blog. I continue to wonder why I do that...

Everyone that knows me, knows I have a LOT to say and no shortage of opinions. However, in this environment I make a concentrated effort to watch my phrasing and how I present information. This is an open forum and I welcome strangers. I'll try to treat them the same as I would if we were meeting in person. I'm not going to purposefully "call someone out" or say anything intended to offend. That isn't to say that my mouth doesn't get me in trouble sometimes, but I am always the first to apologize because I believe one can never be too gracious.

All too often I have to counsel employees on written communication, especially e-mail. I preach that readers don't have the benefit of seeing facial expression or hearing the tone of voice. I now notice, as a result of spending more time online in forums and reading blogs, how many people don't realize (or care) how they present themselves. I think that's a shame.

This is not to say that I will "hold my tongue" on my own blog--I'm writing it, I can say what I want--and that will likely include controversy at times. I read tons of blogs...TONS...many I love, some I like, lots I don't agree with, and a few that I think are slightly "off." However, if I don't agree or don't think the writer is stable, I certainly don't comment. What's the point? Online war? I just move on...

So...this is me....I'm about Peace, about getting along, and most importantly I'm about sharing this adoption experience with anyone that is interested...the good and bad. I've learned so much from others traveling this road and I'm so thankful for this environment.

So..these are my thoughts for today and I'm going to post them. If you don't like them, just move along. For there is something more interesting, more informative, more humorous, and vastly better written just around the corner....that's the beauty of blogland!



S. said...

Very true!

Tricia & Kirk said...

Great points!

Dianna said...

Yippee, you're back! Missed you in blogland :) Say whatever you like, but say it more often... deal?

And I'm curious - what program did you switch from? We started with Korea.

Cindy said...

I understand what you are saying, and I'm probably one that you consider "unstable." I think that's the beauty of making my blog invite only. I maily write for family and friends that know me very well, not other adoptive families. And if your audience already knows you, then they probably know how you are speaking, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. But I like the points you make. My biggest problem is my spelling and grammar! LOL And I homeschool. What a joke!

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