Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Gonna Take More Than A Snow Cone to Fix This!

Snow Cones

Tonight, 7:45

My Driveway

Cherry, Grape, Blue Bubble Gum, and sugar-free Banana and Strawberry

As the kids deface the street and driveways with chalk, the best neighbor ever (BNE) confides that they have a job offer in Houston. They are leaving...2 weeks...I'm crushed.

You just can't place a value on a good neighbor. I've had bad neighbors before. A bad neighbor can seriously ruin your life...barking dogs, trashy lawns, mean kids...oh, I'm stressed at the prospect of it all.

BNE even has a great husband...Mr. Super Build-It, Fix-It, Landscape-It Man. And the great family doesn't end there...BNE has a great son, two years older than WB. He graciously includes my little boy in his games and outings. I've NEVER heard BNE's son say a bad thing, even in anger, toward WB. (Read that as: I've never had to say those dreaded words, "We don't talk that way in our house.") The final member of BNE's family is a little princess (4). She tags along with the boys most of the time and I was so looking forward to bringing a daughter home for her to enjoy. Where in the universe do a 9 year old, a 7 year old, and a 4 year old actually ENJOY each other?

When our lives get to be too much..when we're down or sad...when we just need to cuss and fuss, BNE and I hit the streets. We cruise the neighborhood, evaluating life, lawns, cars, curtains, even cracks in the street...we cope with husbands, kids, teachers, weight and sagging breasts...we strategize on decorating, traveling, paying off debt, getting plastic surgery and raising kids. (Oh...worry...worry...Color me the South Park character in the straight-jacket!

I can't possibly be this lucky again....

JB...call the realtor...we gotta sell...the neighborhood is going to pot...

Best Neighbor Ever, I will MISS you girl! You Rock and I'm blessed to know you!


Dianna said...

I know what you're going through - my best neighbor ever moved to a new house last fall. We can't just stand out in our driveways to talk anymore and it makes me sad :(

rachel said...

Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. Sorry your BNE is moving. :(

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