Thursday, May 10, 2007

School's Out For Summer...

I am so excited that classes are over and that I was able to pull out two "A". I am so EXCITED about taking the summer off and concentrating on the family and the house.

I really feel compelled to create an interesting blog, so I imagine I'll be experimenting with backgrounds, graphics and layouts in the coming weeks. (But, I LOVE dragonfly boy....he's some form.) I hope to get an updated blog roll added to my side bar in the next week or so. I am having some adoption related concerns that I'd like to post, but I don't want to get "too heavy."

I love the green grass, and I LOVE the WATER, but if my tomato plants drown, I'm gonna be one unhappy camper!


I understand we are technically #9 on "the list"...but I sent an email this week restating our interest in twins or young siblings. It would take an unusual situation, but we have a fingers crossed!

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The Varns said...

Hopefully you move up the list quickly =)! As for posting your adoption concerns... Isn't that that a blog is for. Let it out. It's theraputic, I promise. =)

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