Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

We spent the day at the zoo. It was fun..from the sunscreen to the snow cone brain freeze. I can honestly say, the zoo is becoming a challenge for me. My husband is way too smart and makes more animal sounds that should be humanly allowed and my son corrects me everytime I mispronounce or incorrectly identify an animal. I'm just really not that "into" animals, but it seemed like the thing to do today. Besides, free admission for Mom.

I kept looking at all the families with little babies...wagons...strollers....and I thought, next year that will be us. (Man, and I am really use to not having to "pack" stuff! It was so nice to just have a camera and sunscreen!)
I am thankful my son is still little enough to not notice adults. I saw WAY too many body parts that needed to be covered and far too much exposed sagging flesh. (Hey, I've got it too, I just don't force the world to look at it!) Don't even let me get started on having to translate T-shirt sayings and tattoos!
We saw a man (55ish) pushing his mother (75ish) around in her wheelchair. They were there alone, he was pointing out all of the animals, and in spite of the heat, they really seemed to be enjoying the day. WB did notice them. It prompted him to say, "Mom, when I get big, I'll bring you to the zoo if you want me to."

This Mama's heart is full. She is blessed and yet, she looks forward to the promise of the future.

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