Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where do we go now?

I am simplifying things a bit. (Can you tell?) I am really feeling the need to begin blogging more, and to that end, am thinking about the future of this blog. While my babies are still the primary focus of everything I do, I am getting more into the "whole photography thing" and want to begin to explore that world.

Since most of my adoption friends have moved on, I am feeling the need to move on too. However, for now, I am still attached to "Babbling Booth" and feel like it will still serve me until I (hopefully) have a need for a blog related to having a photography business. Babbling Booth is just just is...

These days, most of my internet time is spent reconnecting with old friends on facebook and reading and trying to learn photography and photoshop. (To say that it is overwhelming for me is an understatement!) But...I am determined to figure it out, even if it just means taking awesome pictures of my family. (How did people ever learn before the digital age??? LOL?)

So, a bit of my direction has changed. Loyal readers (Yes, there still are a few!) will continue to be delighted and amazed by occasional stories of WB and Little Sister. Hopefully, there will be the added benefit of more pictures. I'm not interested in trying to set the photography world on fire, (I'm pretty much locked into my full-time job for the next ten years so there is no chance I can dedicate the time it would take to do if the talent were there, LOL) and I don't have a ton of time, I just want to learn to take better pictures and share anything I learn along the way.

I am trying to get the courage to pull the camera out in more public settings and take pictures confidently. I (nervously) took a few shots of my nephews this weekend. My focus was off, my exposure is off and my white balance was off so they looked a little blue sometimes, but I just loved it...and I really learned a lot just from TRYING! Here are a couple of those shots...

This is the red-head...Big Red to his Papa...P-Park to his favorite Aunt Leigh. This photo makes me want to ask, "Whatcha thinkin' P-Park?"

This is O-Bo. His eyes look crazy blue in these photos (and they are) and I didn't mess with them at all. He does seem to have a slight blue cast, but his shirt is brown with light blue stripes. I did use a little color pop action (which is an automated process in Photoshop) on the next two pictures.

I tried to figure out how to do a sepia tone of this shot of the boys. Even though much of the detail in their faces if blown-out, I still like the photo.

Feel free to leave me a comment on my new direction, photos, or anything in general. I appreciate the feedback. I'll be redoing my blog header this weekend...any ideas?


Rob, Tricia, Ben and Liam said...

Leigh, I'm still reading and still loving it - keep it coming. Your adoption friend is still here.

Anonymous said...

Leigh, I'm still reading...and I love the pic's of DG and WB. A picture of JB every now and then would be nice also.


Dianna said...

Love the pics and you know I'll be here as long as you are. Maybe we'll both bring our cameras to Family Day this year and you can teach me to use some of the settings :)

Neil, Amy, Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le said...

Please keep blogging! Your blog is one of my favorites!

The pictures are great. Their eyes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I came across your site via another Korean adaption blog.I stumbled onto Korean adaption blogs by accident and I have been following a few of them since as I am Korean. You all are amazing and thankful for all the love! Your photos look stunning. I am also interested in taking better pictures and trying to learn about photoshop. I look forward to reading about your progress in this area.

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