Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Matter What They Say...

Don't try meatloaf...

In a crock pot...

For 8 hours...

Not not pretty that I couldn't even post a picture. Well...OK, I'll show you... but only in my effort to educate.

It sounded so easy...and we love meatloaf...but it was a brick. In twenty-three years, JB has never said, "That wasn't very good?" or "I'm not eatin' that." He's a guy that loves military food in a bag (MRE's) and mess hall food. Tonight was SO bad, I actually took it away from him and said, "Please don't eat that." LOL.

On the other hand...Little Sister loved the mashed potatoes.

Thanks so much for your comments. I haven't blogged since I become addicted to Facebook. It is nice to know I still have few comments these days.


bringinghomebe said...

Keep up the cooking, just no more crock pot meatloaf. Please.

Laura said...

We love meatloaf too, but I've started making it in muffin tins. It cooks so fast that way and my kids like having their own little loaves. Can't be worse than then crockpot =).

Heather said...

Um, yuck. I threw away a whole batch of cookies the other day so don't feel bad! Veggie or bean soup in the crock pot is awesome! Whip up some cornbread & salad & you're done! I love the crock-pot; sorry it messed up your meatloaf :)

DG's Potato face is the cutest!
Heather M.

The Efirds said...

So we gave Paxton mashed potatoes to eat last night as well. He liked them until he got mad that he wasn't feeding himself. After that, he looked like DG! I've never tried meatloaf in a crockpot...I probably never will!

noble pig said...

The picture of the meatloaf just cracks me up!

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