Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Boy and Politics

I think I've written before about my precious WB and his school woes. My little man marches to his own beat..(how strange that the same can already be said about his little sister)..and often finds himself making "bad choices" at school. For all you parents that don't have elementary aged kids, that's what they use to call "actin' a fool", "being crazy", being plan being "BAD". Of course, if you're raising kids today, you obviously know that "no child is bad...they just make bad choices." You know, you almost can't say, "What the HECK were you thinkin'?" anymore. He's not a bad boy...(you can't say that now anyway)...he's a good boy (lucky for me, you can still say that)...he just wants to be in charge.

It isn't uncommon for us to have regular communication with the teacher. By "regular" communication, I mean, it's not uncommon to see her number on our caller id in the evening. (WB...what did you do? You tell me right now...the truth too, don't make me find out from the teacher!!!)

While you'll never find anyone that is more dedicated to trying to raise children with positive self-esteem, I sometimes think we miss the boat in teaching children tough lessons by trying to shelter them too much. The fact remains, WB can't be in charge...not yet anyway. He's just in third grade. When he starts to make up his own classroom/school rules, he needs firm reminders about following the "real" rules. After a rocky start, he seems to be settling in and this week's call from his teacher was filled with praise for his attitude, behavior and performance. (WooHoo for the little man!)

His mom and dad have high hopes for the little fellow. We'd like for him to be happy, educated, productive and to stay out of jail. Yep, that's about it...everything else is just gravy. On the other hand, he's got other plans.

This week, he was asked to write a short story using the following words: neighborhood, content, addressing. He left out content so his story is technically incomplete; however, he does demonstrate some thinkin' and some dreamin' but we still have a ways to go on the spelling front.

"A boy was walking in his neighborhood. He had studed Tomas Jefferson. One day the boy wished hed be presidnt. 50 years later the boy became president in 2058. They started addressing him as President Booth."


Sorry if I suckered you into reading, thinking that you'd get some savvy political commentary. This is about as political as I get....sorry to disappoint.


Picture taking and editing has overtaken my life. So why, you ask, are there no pictures in today's post? Good question. Glad you are paying attention.


I still don't "get" Facebook...I much prefer surfing my favorite blogs.


Dianna, thank you for the "shout out"...more on that in my next post.


Anonymous said...

Booth for Prez--2058!! A good imagination and an original legislative mind (you did say he likes to make rules, right?) in the White House. I'll probably be dead by then, so won't get to appreciate it, but more power to him!


The Efirds said...

Too cute! Xavier is doing about the same things in school. His spelling is still awful, even if it's just copying stuff from one page to another! We have great communication with our teacher too! Isn't elementary school just great?!

Anonymous said...

I love his school stories. Can he still be president after the petty change theft incident? Ok, he wasn't to blame right? I just caught up on the previous post too and LOVE the pictures. You gals and your fancy creative cameras are making me jealous!

Dianna said...

Ah heck, after the PTO mtg on Tuesday night I told Nat's teacher that our goal for the year was to keep her out of the principal's office. The teacher (who is new to the school) laughed, but a veteran teacher nodded her head and said, 'She's serious.'

We'll survive the year together Leigh!

DawnHa said...

I hear you girl about getting comments from the teacher. Last year, it was a miracle if we made it through the week with all "green" lights. Thankfully, this year is going much better. It is hard to be the parent of a strong willed, intelligent and social boy at times. It is just too much to expect them to sit still and be quiet. DG is just too cute!!

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