Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's A SICKNESS, A Sickness I Tell You!

Last night was my fourth (post 2 am) night of working on this blog...LOL. (Obviously, some adjustments in my life are necessary.)

A couple of months ago, after I had tried and couldn't find the KEY to unlock HTML, I contacted one of the sites that had done design work on several international adoption blogs. I was willing to forkover the $90 for a customer site, knowing that a healthy portion of the price would go to IA charities. I just wanted to wait until I had the pictures from the session we scheduled for Little Sister's first birthday a couple of weeks ago.

And then...I found the "magic" link on Leslie's site...and the SICKNESS took root in my very soul...I've sure learned a lot in the last few days and gotten several questions to boot.'s the quick version (and I need quick because I am falling asleep as I type):

I started here. I scrolled through all their backgrounds, but honestly, the only one I really liked was the one that Leslie was already using. (I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'). Anyway, they provide instruction in how to post background papers to a blogger or wordpress template. They also have a couple of easy cut and past HTML commands to add "BLINKIES" (Not my thing, but they've already made a customer one for Dianna.)

From there I linked to the Shabby Princess. I really like most of her stuff and there are some cute "free" kits for download. (Like the one used on this blog.) They also have a couple of really good video tutorials on using Elements. (several on U-tube too)

Next, I installed Photoshop Elements and starting playing. It isn't exactly easy, and there are a bazillion features, so I am having a real learning curve. Elements was $99. I didn't mind paying that because I am interested in moving from blogskins to photography so that I can justify a "good" camera at Christmas. However, I will say that I downloaded the free product that I saw mentioned, but I found it to be difficult and no tutorials. Now that I understand a little of Elements, I could figure out Paint, so if you want to be frugal, watch the Elements tutorials you can find and then download Paint and you'll figure it out.

Ignore my typos...I'm watchin' BB10 and going to bed. I haven't been this tired since I brought a baby home from Vietnam...

School drama and a picture or two tomorrow...if I can even crawl out of bed....


Dianna said...

Oh my, that's hillarious!!!! Love the new blog look - very spiffy. Now I'm the one who is jealous!

Willis said...

I've caught the sickness as well. Trying to be digitally cute sure is wearing me out! I love your new look. I think mine is finally ready, too.

Heather (Rocco's mom)

Julie said...

So we totally have created a monster here. Hee hee!!!

Garrett, Heidi and Family said...

Your work has paid looks GREAT!


David, Shelly and the girls said...

You are more worn out than I am...and I have six kids!!!!

ourfamilyfun said...

I like the new look! I would like to change mine up a bit, but I get so frustrated with the programing. Ha!

I hope you all are doing well. :)

Leslie & Shaune said...

Just found your blog :) it looks great!

Leslie & Shaune said...

hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. it's leslie at witharmswideopen
anyhow, thought i'd mention we are in canada so the sept 1st deadline thankfully doesn't affect us, although i am saddened and thinkign of all the american families affected.

Heather said...

Can't do it! Tried for a while & gave up! May try again today or tomorrow...would love a cute look. It always screws everything on my page up. Frustrating!! YOURS LOOKS GREAT!!!

Heather M.

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