Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Boy, The Drama

WB is sick today. Nothing too serious, just stomach "issues".

It's funny (probably sad, really), he has a "flair" for the dramatic. (Wonder where that comes from?) And, unlike his sister, he's got a very low tolerance for discomfort and pain.

Tonight, after his 100th trip to the restroom, he crawls up in our bed and says, (in the most pathetic, whiny voice) "This is the worst day of my life...the worst day I've ever had...the worst day that I'm ever gonna have."

(Oh the DRAMA!!!)

So, I point out that, in the grand scheme of things, today may suck...but it ain't the WORST ever. Things can always be worse, I say. I know he doesn't feel good and I don't want to minimize his pain, but I'm trying to give the kid a little perspective. I can almost see the little wheels turning in his head as though he is now contemplating the truly getting all your Pokemon cards thrown away...never getting to play Wee again...having to eat vegetables everyday.

I guess he realizes that he has a bit of life yet ahead of him because he finally manages to whine out..."Mom, can this just be the worst day of my childhood years?"

Sure baby.

Sleep well. Feel better tomorrow.


The Efirds said...

too cute. naia tends to be a drama queen! nearly everything is said with the whiny voice! hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I agree with your philosophy, keep it real with the kids........there is always a worse day. :)

Kim said...

You make me laugh!
Tell him the store will open in about 1 month...that should cheer him up!

Dianna said...

HA!!! I hope he feels better soon :)

Heather said...

LOL!!! I have one who is a bit over~dramatic as well! Love the cool! School starts soon! Hooray!

Heather M.

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