Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Palace of Pigs

This one started it all.

This is the pig that I fell in love with.

And now, the little "Year of the Pig" Princess has a growing piggy bank collection that will soon dominate her room. The poor little swine will have a good home here. Too bad they'll probably remain empty because I'll be spending all our spare change going to market to buy more piggies to join them. Poor, poor little porkers.

And, it's all this pig's fault.

Thanks Marla!


For those still curious about DG's arm...It seems the green goo grows only in the arm, not the petri dish. WHATEVER! It makes no sense! I guess they are still waiting on one "slice", but so far, there is no diagnosis other than it is "an infectious process." Duh? The stitches are out and it looks pretty good this week, so we'll see...


The Efirds said...

I love the piggies! We haven't even started talking about how we're going to decorate the boys' room! We've also heard that referrals are coming in quickly! If we could only get on that stinkin' waiting list!!

rachel said...

I've never seen a pig with a tiara! Too cute! I hope you are able to get some sound information on the green stuff soon.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been keeping up very well with blogs, so I'm just getting caught up. But I'm wondering something about the arm situation. Is it on the upper left arm? That is the usual place for the BCG vaccine, though a little higher up than our smallpox vaccines. We live in a place where that is a common vaccine, and though dr's in the US don't recommend it, when our son was born and got his, we all got one too due to the well-educated dr's opinion here. Our baby didn't have a reaction. But three of us had pustules develop on the vaccine site which ran for six months. It wasn't green, but it was gross. They finally cleared up. I'm just wondering if that isn't what you have here. Sam didn't have smallpox vaccine--was that normal for DG's orphanage?


Scott and Leslie said...

how frustrating! I hope that DG's arm situation gets cleared up soon!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Happy Easter, Booth Gang! :)

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