Saturday, March 29, 2008

Misc. Update

I thought I'd give you all a quick update on what we know about the arm. We got a call from the dermatologist on Friday letting us know that after almost 4 weeks, one of the samples had tested positive on an Acid Fast Stain. (What the??) The types of issues that usually cause a positive result have been ruled out...TB, leprosy, and some others I can't pronounce (let alone spell.) So, the results have been forwarded to the State Health Department. (Again, what the???)

I'm not really sure what to expect from this point on. I'm not really worried because the biopsy site is healing nicely and there are no apparent signs of infection. Although she'll likely have a sizable scar, it looks tons better. And, most importantly, after three months it appears to be going away.

Thank you all for your insight into this problem. It kinda sounds bad when I say that I have been comforted to find out that DoriGrace isn't the only infant from Vietnam to have this type of bump. We just seemed to have a stronger infection. Joan, I really appreciate your post. Yes, it is the upper left arm and your experience sounds very similar without the green goo.


On a personal note...I'm starving. Why is it when you diet, you become hungrier than you've ever been in your life?? JB and I are both exercising, thanks to our new outrageously expensive elliptical trainer. Two weigh loss, lots of sore muscles, hunger and fatigue. Bah humbug...


Scott and Leslie said...

Oh gosh! Keep us posted on what they come up with. Glad to hear that DG's arm is healing nicely though! I love looking at her pictures -- she looks just like Avery!!

Anonymous said...

Leigh and John,
We talked to our friend at Allaus (the gelato place) who is from Viet Nam, as is his family. He said most people from there have scars. He said he had a friend with a really large scar on his arm from his vaccination. You need to talk to him sometime about it. Also his wife and new baby boy were there and he is just precious.
Have a great day. I've been teaching 4th grade at John Ross and it's keeping me busy.
Love, Mary (Nanny)

Steve said...

Keep going on the will see results! We bought one for the incredibly cold and LONG winters so I don't have to drag Jake out just to go to the gym. I love mine. I did a mile this morning and was extremely proud of myself. Weight loss is irrelevant when you feel good about yourself and your body is toning up! Congrats and I'm proud of you!

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