Sunday, February 17, 2008


OK...OK....OK.....I still haven't gotten the photos together. I've been running around at a frantic pace, trying to get a million things done before I start back to work tomorrow. Truth be told, I am more than a little sad to be heading back. Of course, since tomorrow is a federal holiday, JB is off for one final full day with DG. Tuesday will, no doubt, be a tough one for me. Getting everyone together and out the door on time, and adding the extra stop at the day care to drop my baby. I don't really remember being as worrisome with WB, but for some reason, I am having a little trouble with the babe. Unfortunately, JB is not about to let me stay home so it is back to work we go...

I am making a dent in getting the adoption announcements mailed and the thank you notes finished. I know I'll feel better with that completed.

I'll also feeling a bit of self-imposed pressure about maintaining some of the good habits I began while I was off. The house isn't perfect by any means, but it is in the best shape it has been in since we moved in. We have been eating at home every night and the grocery bills are WAY down. I've also picked up the habit of playing the CVS game and getting our household goods and toiletries for almost nothing at CVS. (If you are curious about this, check out CVS 101 at www.moneysavingmom...I LOVE IT!) (Sorry, I can't make that a link, for some reason my spell check and link inserter have stopped working!!)

Anyway, I've made progress toward being a more organized, neater person (life-long issues for me) and I don't want to lose that because of the limited time I'll have now because of working.

Anway...5:45 will come early tomorrow.

Pictures soon, I promise....


Anonymous said...

Good luck on getting out the door tomorrow. Things will go great I am sure. LOve and kisses and post the puictures. Mom

Nadra said...

Hope the first day back to work went well. I've been trying to imagine how crazy our mornings will be when we're trying to get 2 little ones dressed. Yikes!

Looking forward to pictures of Dori Grace and WB.

Heather said...

Hope your first morning getting everyone ready & in their "spots" went well! I hope you're in a routine that you're happy with very soon! :)

Heather M.
Waiting to travel for Caleigh in CanTho!

Julie said...

Hope the first couple of days are going ok.

The Efirds said...

Hope your first day back went great!

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