Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I'm Not Mother Of The Year...Again

WB's school called at 8:30...had I forgotten our meeting? Ooops! I'm apparently so obsessed with child #2, that I forgot a teacher meeting for child #1--which has already been rescheduled 3 times!!! They were happy to reschedule...no harm...no foul...but I feel like crap for being so irresponsible!!

So...since I am so obsessed with the princess, and since the prince is safely off to school (where they pay lots of attention to him...unlike at home with his poor mother....)...here's my favorite morning pic of the girl. Outfit courtesy of Aunt Lori...head tourniquet courtesy of Julia.


Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Darling! I love the shirt - too perfect! :) I was dying laughing when I read WB's list - Will is already telling me all the things that we have to change "before brother comes home!" Dori looks so sweet in all those cute little girly clothes. How much fun!


Nadra said...

Her sweet smiled brightened my day. She's adorable. No wonder your obsessed :)

The Efirds said...

abolutely adorable!

Melissa Czaszwicz said...

That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog frequently, your little girl is so adorable, she is precious, no wonder her brother is so protective of her, thank you for sharing your joy, oh please remind Cooper to add 1 more thing on his not to do list, NEVER LET HER NEAR THE MONKEY CAGE!!.
Mimi Lam.halonh8@yahoo.com

erinlo said...

She is an absolute doll, Leigh. I think she smiles like you.

Oh- and I can not TELL you how many things I forgot about the first month after being home! You're all turned around and things are crazy- cut yourself some slack!! -Erin L.

Jessica said...

She is too cute! My baldy is jealous of her hair... ok My baldy's mother is jealous of all that hair. Emaline can't even keep a head band in lol. But it is growing!!!

Kim said...

She is just the cutest!

Laura said...

Isn't that shirt the truth! I'm sure it was designed to reflect 9 months of pregnancy but only other adoptive parents really know what waiting is =). Dori Grace looks adorable and you seem to be doing a good job taming all that fun hair!

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