Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why I Don't Have A Cooking Blog...

So my ego won't let me show you pictures of the wonderful chocolate cake as it appeared from the over...that is after it oozed over the sides of the pan, looking more liked lava than double chocolate. (JB's gonna love that mess...he's the mess cleaner in our house. I'll have to serve him a piece of cake before I clue him in on the oven. OOOPS!)

The above picture is the final product, after a little surgery to even things out and a frosting adjustment. (So un-Ganache of me, but I had to add some powdered sugar to the frosting because I wasn't paying attention and added a WHOLE stick of butter instead of 1/2 and the frosting was too runny.) If there is one thing I learned from Anonymous (my mom) it is how to repair a cake disaster!

In addition to being a decent cook, you have to be a REALLY good photographer to have a cooking blog. I'm not...a decent cook, or a good photographer. With the adoption complete, I guess I'll have to keep looking for another new direction to take the blog. Cookin' ain't it.

But, the number one reason why I shouldn't have a cooking blog:


Go ahead, save this child. Report DHS right now. Poor little ignored-thing, she couldn't even finish her bottle before she fell asleep on the kitchen floor...


Erin said...

The pigtail pics of DoriGrace - most definitely the cutest thing I have seen today!!! Oooooh you make me want to go buy a TON of pink things, Leigh!

The cake looks fantastic. Great job!! (But now I want more chocolate!)

Nadra said...

I'm hungry...can you just send a piece down the turnpike to Tulsa?

I get such a kick out of Dori Grace's hair. She's just adorable.

Julie said...

That cake looks yummy and I don't even like cake.

Love the little piggies. And that snow suit is a hoot!!!

Julie said...
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Dianna said...

Look at those pigtails!!! Oh my, how adorable.

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Too cute! I'm totally in love with the pigtails!

You'd better watch out - next thing you know, you'll be making cookies into reindeer! (Ha! Ha!)

Heather said...

Oh, she is just the cutest thing ever! I, too, love the pigtails! Oh, that hair!!! I would like a piece of cake as well!
Heather M.

Jessica said...

Cake still looks yummy!

I love the pigtails. I am so jealous. At this rate emaline will be atleast a year old before I can put her hair in pigtails. Well, I guess on the upside I do not have to brush it yet. she wakes up with perfect hair (what there is of it lol).

Miss Val said...


I am so impressed, the cake looks fantastic, I am still waiting for the phone to ring with my invitation to have a piece. Ha!

I love your pictures and stories, keep them coming.

Dorigrace is such a cutiepie.

Miss Val

Daniel and Jamie said...

She is so cute!!! Daniel says he wants to work out an arranged marriage with Dori Grace and Luke.

Tricia & Kirk said...

Cute cute cute! And the cake looks good too! I can't wait to get the girls together at the reunion weekend this summer-- or before for that matter!

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