Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Little sister is recovering (again) from a nasty infection in her arm. Our doctor believes the spot was originally where she was given a vaccination in November. It has been slowly growing since we arrived home. It ended up being very wicked...I wouldn't have believed that much green ooze was possible from that little arm. The bump is better and she's stopped the projectile vomit now, so all is well.

Needless to say, we already think she's pretty incredible, but I imagine if we ever get her to 100% she'll be even more amazing!


WB is ready for me to go back to work. Sad, but true. He was excited the first week I was home. He was intrigued at being a "car rider" and being picked up and dropped off at school, but now he has decided that he really misses his friends in before and after care so he wants me to drop him at 7 am and pick him up at 4:30 so he can be back on his regular schedule. (We are so blessed to have great before and after care at the school!!!) But mostly, he wants me back at work so that I am not cooking dinners every night. The kid could live on noodles and pb&j, and isn't much interested in real food. With my work schedule, we are pretty lax about dinner time. With me home, we are eating real dinners every night and he's tired of onions, mushrooms and green things. Hate to tell him, the new meal planning efforts are here to stay.


I am proud to announce, after a REALLY long wait, we will have an official ceremony recognizing JB's promotion to Lt. Colonel! Woo Hoo! It is a dream realized for him and I'm very proud of my Marine. (Even if he is in the Guard

Other Stuff

Unlike Walker, I am dreading the thought of going back to work. (But yes, Stacey, I'll be there on the 18th!) Staying home just isn't a realistic goal for me right now. I am sure that once I am back in the swing of things, I'll be happy to be back in my old routine. Funny, I'm having a harder time with the thought of going back to work after DoriGrace than I did with WB.

So very happy for Heather for the long awaited referral of Caleigh! Another Can Tho sweetie is coming home! Heather's story is so interesting, she and her husband adopted twin boys from Can Tho seven years ago. I'm so excited for her family!

Scary news for those waiting to adopt from Vietnam. My heart aches for those paper chasing and waiting on referrals. I hope the US and Vietnam can iron out the differences and get a honest process in place for the benefit of the children and waiting families. On a selfish personal note, I don't know what this will mean for us and our quest for one more. Since we've been home, I have been pretty obsessed with pursuing a waiting child to bridge the gap between WB and DG. I guess we'll just wait and see...


Dianna said...

Poor little DG! Hopefully she'll be 100 percent in no time - then watch out! :)

Scott and Leslie said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly you can get the itch to begin the process again?)).

Glad that DG is beginning to recover!

Anonymous said...

Hope DG is all better by now and you are all about ready to introduce her to the world. Sounds like Walker is ready for things to go back to his old way. Happy for JB!! That is really good news at last.

Jessica said...

Poor thing. Emaline had that same gross infected bump. Our pediatrician seems to think its from a TB vaccine that they do not use here because it can make a TB test come up false positive.

As for staying home. I was scared to death to do it and it IS tough(and yes our budget is tighter for it) but I cannot imagine any other way now. It is amazing to be home and watch her grow and know that my husband and I are the only ones raising her. I know it is not always possible for everyone but I highly reccomend it. Being a full time mom is such a blessing.

Rachel said...

That's funny about WB and meals. The other day Tim wasn't home and I didn't feel like cooking so the girls ate spaghetti O's and hot dogs for dinner. My guilt was quickly replaced by laughter as they told me it was the BEST MEAL EVER! Ha!

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