Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You May Feel Like You've Wet Your Pants...

Fall out from gall bladder surgery a couple of weeks ago...I had to have a CT scan today. (Is that what it is really called? CAT scan? Whatever...) You know, where they put you through the tube with the loud spinning thing circling you, and the mechanical male voice that says, "Breath in...breath out..." and then screams..."STOP BREATHING!!" Anyone had this horrible test?

Anyway, I guess I'm just a failure at being proactive about my own health care. I didn't really understand what today entailed. No food or drink after midnight. I got that, but I thought this was just a fancy x-ray. I wasn't prepared for the two glasses of barium (let's try and fool her to think it is lemonade!)stuff. I choked that down in the time limit...barely.

I go back and they want to start an IV. (Again, I was clueless.) The guy goes to start my IV...WITHOUT GLOVES...seriously...when have you ever (post 1982) EVER seen a health professional do a glove less stick??? I think he was a little peeved when I suggested he put them on. Anyway, his efforts to start an IV were fruitless, so I just proceeded to throw-up on him. Surely he'll protect himself a little better next time.

Anyway, they decide to just have me get up on the scan table to start the IV.
The next nurse doesn't have any trouble with the IV. She's gloved and she keeps her distance. She explains the IV is for the "tracer material"...again, I was clueless because I never ask questions. (Unless it appears, I am approached by glove less men with needles.) So we begin...the bed starts moving, the thingy starts spinning, the mechanical man starts screaming. After a couple of passes, the nurse comes in and says, "I am starting the tracer material. Let us know if your arm starts burning. You'll feel a warm sensation throughout your body. You'll have a metallic taste in your mouth and you'll want to burp, but don't move. Oh," she says as she turns to leave, "and you may feel like you've wet your pants."

What the??? Sure enough, about 45 seconds later, I guess that is what it feels like when you wet your pants. Frankly, its been a few years. I didn't remember.


Movement in the adoption world...congratulations if you've headed to Vietnam next week! I'll be watching you because it is almost my turn to say, "I'M NEXT!!!"


David, Shelly and the girls said...

Oh I sure hope we travel together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might wet my pants sitting here laughing!
Shelly C

erinlo said...

Oh my word. I'm laughing my bum off. (Do you like the word "bum"? According to Sam, it's Canadian for "butt".)

Hope YOU get good news soon!!!!

Nadra said...

I needed a laugh tonight...thanks Leigh.

Hoping good news happens for all of us very, very soon.

Julie said...

Oh good grief. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to medical procedures. I've had my fair share that have gone awry.

Keeping those fingers crossed you get some good news very soon.

jjm said...

Eeekkkkkkkk! I had a very similar experience a few years back. At least it just feels like you pee, and it doesn't really happen.

Scott and Leslie said...

hehehe! When you get up off of the table, you have to double check to make sure that you aren't dripping. I hate that feeling! Unfortunately, I have the IVP often (kidney stones)!!!!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that you have news to report soon!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

I'm laughing so hard right now! Leigh, you weren't supposed to have to go through the crazy pregnancy body stuff with this baby! :) Oh, well....at least there's no labor this time! :)

Heather said...

Hey, I thought human torture was agains the Geneva Convention. What are these people doing to you? Hope you find as much humor (later) in your stories as we do. :)

Kerrie (aka Zak's mom!) said...

You crack me up!! I had this same thing done to check and see if my appendix was rupturing... and when they finally did let me up off of that stupid table I looked back and examined it, because I was SURE I had made a big ole' mess.. you would think in the year 2007, they could come up with some better way to do that! ;) Oh, and to make matters worse, my husband is the guy that goes around to all the area CT scanners and fixes them...so the techs all knew him and were just chatting it up behind the curtain while I was lying there...it was horrifying all the way around! :) So glad it's over for both of us though! Let's hope you get baby news SOON!!

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