Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Little Girl

Again...can we tell you how much we love this little girl?

Today someone asked me, or rather, said, "If something happened and "this" fell through, you'd be OK wouldn't you? I mean, would it be like a miscarriage?"

I was shocked, dumbfounded really. Don't get me wrong. I've lost a baby before and I will never minimize what that means. I cried. I cried hard. I cried over losing what could have been, a boy, a girl, a part of us. Losing what was to be, for me, is much different than losing what IS. DoriGrace IS...she has a name...she has a face...she has a future and it is with us.

How can you explain that? You just can't. My response to my friend, "Oh, I'd be absolutely broken. It is frankly something I can't even fathom." The look of confusion really startled me. Some folks just don't get it...they don't. That is just the way it is and I get frustrated that I can't (and yet still try to) explain. This is our daughter...we were meant to be.

And when we are all together, I hope people see us and learn. Learn that "family" is border-less and boundless; it isn't just blood, it's what we build--what we make. And we plan on making a difference...in some small way...the Booths...all FOUR of us...and I'm already proud of that.

By the way, did I tell you how much we love this little girl?


Thanks Steve and Christi for snapping an updated photo for us! Wishing you safe travels for your trip back home as a new family.


jjm said...

Oh my goodness, she is precious!

You are right about some people just not understanding how you can have such an intense connection to a child halfway around the world.

Congrats on the awesome new photo!

Jessica said...

She is Beautiful!

What a crude comment for some one to make! Are they insinuating that because she isn't blood it would hurt less??? I would havehad a veryhard time not giving this person a peice of my mind! I agree with you it would be way worse. I would be right up there with losing a baby to SIDS to lose a referral. You have info and pictures and have fallen in love. I am praying hard that you get to hold her very soon!

Nadra said...

She is adorable. You're going to have so much fun with her hair. So glad you have new pics.

Lawyerish said...

She is SO sweet!

It's something that can't be explained, the sense of love and connection to a child you haven't yet held in your arms. I feel it, and we don't even have a referral yet!!


Heather said...

Most people don't get it. I am convinced that God places the desire for adoption in our hearts. That is our gift. He places other gifts in other people's hearts. It is a very hard concept for some people to understand....and no matter how hard we try to explain it, we just can't. It's a matter of the heart, not the mind! Your little girl is so cute & Yes, she is your little girl already....God has brought you together in your hearts!
Heather M.

Julie said...

She is such a little beauty.

And unfortunately people just don't get it. I'm sorry you were put into that position to have to answer such a horrible question.

And feel a love for a child we haven't even seen yet. Only those going through this process can truly understand.

rachel said...

No, unfortunately some people just don't get it. While waiting for both Ava and Sera I would lose sleep over the "what if" concerns. They are very much in our hearts the moment we lay eyes on them.

And wow I do love that hair!!!

Scott and Leslie said...

Dori Grace becomes more beautiful with each day. She and Avery can share hair barrets:)). Gymboree has the best pieces!

People are just plain STUPID!!!! They truly do not understand unless they have been there! Hang in there!!

Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

She's so sweet! Can't wait to see her in your arms! :)

David, Shelly and the girls said...

Oh, just punch her in the nose and ask her if she feels that pain!
DoriGrace is adorable. I'm still hoping we get to hold our kids together!

Jake's Grandmother said...

Congratulations, Dori Grace is absolutely precious!

I pray that the Lord will shield your hearts from any bitterness or anger towards such insensitive people. Apparently, they have never been through any kind of experience in life that would help them relate to what you guys are going through.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord make His face to shine upon you; May the Lord be gracious to you and give you His peace" Numbers 6:22-24

In Christ's love,
Donna Parker
(Christi's Mom and Jake's Grandmother)

DawnHa said...

What a beauty!! So precious!! It is so hard to explain the adoptive mother's emotions to someone who hasn't gone through the process.
I often forget that there are people who can't even fathom adopting. It blows my mind every time I hear of it.

So glad you got a new photo. :)

Dan and Elisabeth said...

She is beautiful! Such a blessing!

I'm sorry about the comment. Some people just don't understand. But aren't you glad YOU understand and have been chosen to have this special bond with this beautiful little girl! Can't wait to see you holding her!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE that almost all of the comments to this post start with the most important thing - your little girl is an absolute doll! Congratulations!

I think people simply don't get it - any of it - from the way you feel from the beginning of your homestudy to the point you bring your child home. Even my closest friends don't seem to truly understand.

I'm so sorry you've even had that thought verbalized. Wow.

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