Saturday, November 3, 2007

If I can fool my own mother....

My mother...

Her computer is down so my sister had to take one of DoriGrace's new pictures over to her. When I talked to her a couple of days later, she says, "Oh, I got the picture. She's just beautiful." I thank her for her kind comments and then she says, "Have you gotten out your baby pictures? I can't get over her facial expresssion." Duh??...what??

Yes folks, it is true. My own mother wants me to dig out my baby pictures because she thinks my soon-to-be-adopted baby, on the other side of the world in Vietnam, looks like ME!! What the ???? OH, the humanity! If I weren't driving down the road, I'd have fallen right off my chair laughing.

This brings to light an interesting opportunity. I had a hair appointment this morning. I color once a month and I've got at least two more appointments before I travel. I figure I can go one shade darker at each appointment. So, I started today. People, by the time I travel, I'll be down-right dark headed.

So the questions becomes...if my own mother thinks we look you think people will be able to tell that she's adopted???


Bill, Paula & Will Cook said...

Funny, funny! With darker hair, you may fool some people, but WB is a sure giveaway! :) No way this sweet girl with the dark head of hair could be the blonde boy's bio sis! I figure we've pretty much taken care of that one too! :)

Scott and Leslie said...

I chuckled as I read your post because we have more people tell us that Owen looks like Scott. Even his foster parents in Korea said something during our initial visit. The truth is, he really does look like Scott! Their heads are the exact same shape! Funny, how things work out! For fun, you should get out your photographs to see if there are any similarities! Hugs to you!!!

DawnHa said...

She is such a beautiful girl! So excited for you! People say Ky looks like Jason. I think it is just the haircut, but I certainly don't mind the comparison. The books say it is good to find similarities in appearance and behaviors. It helps with the family bond.

Jessica said...

Too funny! I get that too about Emaline. But I am of Russian Jewish Decent so I think it's that my eyelids are hooded and slightly slanted (unfortunately I did not get the great tan that most of that side of the family has). Now my dad has black hair(well its mostly silver now) and very dark eyes and a great natural tan so he could pass for her biological grandfather.

Anywho, you knwo they have those pictures of the PAPs and I wonder if they use them in the matching sometimes lol.

krista said...

Leigh Booth, I have been up since early this morning reading your blogs I loved everything I read. I have learned more about you reading this than I did living next door to you for 2 years.Oh, how I love Baby Girl she is so beautiful I can't wait to hold her and smell that baby smell. Of course when I read the blog about us moving to Houston I cried like a baby. I miss you too girlfriend..... Hang in there it will be very soon when you will be holding her. I love you and miss you ..Rock on sister..Krista

Heather said...

That is too funny! Our boys are very light skinned & when I'm out with them without my husband, I still get looks just screaming "Wonder what her husband's race is?" It's hilarious! They're beautiful children...I'm glad people think they could possibly have come from my genes!!! Heather M.

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