Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Are Birthdays Always Such A Disappointment?

Let me start of by stating right upfront, this post is gonna have a healthy dose of, those with low tolerance levels should simply move on down the blogland road...

Why is my birthday ALWAYS the most disappointing day of the year? Is it just me, or do other women have this problem? I have a decent husband...he's generally good for a card, flowers and a decent gift. There is usually some good food involved that I didn't have to fix. Of course, I generally have to put on the choke-chain, grab the lease, and lead the creature to the counter to purchase the right item.

Now, you may be saying..."at least you got something", and I do realize this is more recognition that some receive, but it's not just about the stuff. That is the crazy thing...everything could be perfect...a day of fabulously wonderful Hallmark moments and still there will be SOMETHING missing. It is physically impossible for me to have a "good" birthday...all day...start to finish. It hasn't happened since I was ten. What is up with that?????

Today just sucks...I wish I could skip 7/11 every year. I don't mind getting older. I am "OK" being 43, I just hate today. In spite of the fact that I was greatly humbled by ten random emails from old friends or coworkers (many I haven't thought of or spoken to in months) wishing me a Happy Birthday. How is it they know my birthday? What does it say about me that I can't even tell you what month any of these folks were born in? And, in spite of the fact that this morning, my boys presented me with cards and a lovely framed picture of them from our recent vacation. (It should be noted that the frame said, "Blessings...don't forget to count them." I should give JB some credit for trying a subliminal message.) And, of course, he knows he doesn't have a "snowball's chance" of a decent day if I don't see a present the second my eyes open! He's learned that lesson the hard way!

So...I am going to bed because...guess what? Tomorrow won't be 7/'s gonna be 7/12...a brand new day...a day that isn't the anniversary of my birth...and I'm gonna be HAPPY, content, and overloaded with counting the many blessings I have in my life! I won't be able to post tomorrow, because I'm gonna be too busy being thankful...I'm just not there yet tonight...

Is it midnight yet?????


erinlo said...

Leigh- You totally crack me up. And since I got to meet you in person, I can totally picture you saying all this! I'm sorry it was a cruddy day. Here's to one whole year before your next birthday!! Love, Erin L.

Dianna said...

Happy birthday, even if it wasn't a perfect day! I, for one, insist on being treated like a princess for the entire day of my birth. And the one before. And the one after. And the one after that....

Try it next year! Of course, by next year, you'll have a real princess in the house and you might have to share your crown!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm not into my birthday as well. But think next year you will have your little angel with you to celebrate.

Tricia & Kirk said...

I think it is something about having too many years for fingers. Once you have to move on to toes, ears, eyelashes, hairs on your head ect., birthdays lose all their appeal:)

Jessica said...

I learned a while ago that if I want to be treated like a quenn on my birthday I have to BE A QUEEN ON MY BRITHDAY, lol, and that is what I do. Ilet it be knwon that it is my day, celebrate me lol! I KNOW my husband is not fabulous at being a romantic gift giver either, so early on we decided we could only spend like $10-$20 on a birthday present for the other one and the big thing would be would do something big or go somewhere. Our birthdays are also only 3 weeks apart so we also just have one big celebrationg for the both of us the week in the middle.

Jessica said...

Speaking of being queen. I am so queen of the typo lol. oopsy

Anonymous said...

My birthday is in a month and I have started getting jitters about it. You would expect a 21 yr old to be so excited.I feel like it's only gonna bring more disappointment. Nothing seems to be going right now and I am petrified to celebrate my birthday. Clearly something is wrong with me

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