Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leigh NEEDS...

I first saw this on Rachel's blog and thought it was hilarious! Simply "google" your "needs" by entering "your name needs". Here are some of my "best" needs:

1. Leigh needs a PonyBoy. (Well...I am originally from Tulsa and I did SO love "The Outsiders.")

2. Leigh needs money because he is getting married in June. (After twenty years, this would be a REAL shock for JB on so many levels!)

3. Leigh needs your prayers and support right now. (Seriously, I ALWAYS do!)

4. Leigh needs heart healing and anxiety-control. (OK...this is getting a little too personal...LOL!)

5. Leigh needs a mental emancipation. (Ouch!)

6. Leigh needs to get out more. (This is surely confirmation that I need to finish packing and hit-the-road!)

One last day of work and we are off. We'll have wireless at the beach house and I know I'll do some late-night blog checking...that is, after a little sun, some surf, a few of shrimps, and a Club Special or two! WooHoo!


Paul & Erin said...

Oh man... I want shrimp and club specials tooooo!!!!!! hehe Have a good time! Sounds amazing!

DawnHa said...

Have a great vacation!! It was so wonderful to talk to you too at the Vietnam Family Day! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet your husband and son. I was so easily distracted there. I was so glad you were honest about your concerns about bonding. Parenting is so hard and adopting has its special challenges too and most of them are battles in our hearts and minds - but they are real none the less. I know I'm going to have some real serious anxiety when it gets close to travel time and I'm going to need lots of support.

The Varns said...

have a wonderful trip. Thanks for the idea. Wait till you see on my blog what I supposedly need lol.

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